Saturday, May 19, 2007

Movie Swapnakoodu(2003)

Swapnakoodu is definetely inspired by the bollywood movie Dil Chahtha Hai. When Kamal make a movie for the youngsters, he keeps their taste in mind. All songs picturised in a colorful bollywood style. Swapnakoodu is a totally entertainment movie.

Watch the full movie online. We replaced the parts published earlier with full movie.

SwapnakooduStarring Prithviraj Kunchako Boban,Jayasurya,Meera Jasmine,Bhavana.

[Swapnakoodu Full Movie]

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Anonymous said...

hi, i saw this movie and i loved it and i just wanted to say thanks sooo much for posting the link. however part 4 only ran 14 minutes out of 12 minutes and i therefore wasn't able to see the last 12 minutes right when deepu is about to walk in on kunju bothering kamala. so i'd realyyy appreciate it if you could somehow repost that link with the entire part. thanks a lot -deepthi

Anonymous said...

sorry about the error on the last comment. i meant it only ran 14 minutes out of 26 and was missing the last 12. thanks again --deepthi

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for posting this movie. I just love seeing it, this is my third time watching the same movie... But some of them were missing, so if you can, please put the rest, 'cause that's the best part, I think... Anyway, thanks once again....

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Kunjacko !!!!
Hurray for Meera !!!!
Hurray for Pritvi !!!!
Hurray for Bhavana !!!!
Hurray for Kashtamoorthi !!!!(Jayasurya)

Anonymous said...

i love this movie so much thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there a remake of this movie? I would like to watch this movie on Tamil too.. I do understand Malayalam(most part of it), loved the movie tooooooo much:)